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Technical Services

  • eHO HTP Single Sign On Service

This service implements the single sign on for all web applications. This service can integrate

  • eHO HTP Data Integration Service

This service assists our clients in data validation, transformation, loads and extracts. Using
eHO HTP data integration service, we assist our clients in building and implementing the data
strategy to support all EDI transaction formats (4010 and 5010).

  • eHO HTP Rules Engine Service

eHO HTP Rules Engine Service can be used to implement an Enterprise Rules Engine Service for
our clients.

  • eHO HTP Document Management

This service allows one central repository to store all your documents. This can easily be
integrated with the web content management service and other web applications.

  • eHO HTP Business Intelligence Services

eHO HTP Business Intelligence Service integrates with client’s business intelligence solutions
to offer parameter driven reports as well as adhoc query and reporting capability to the end
users. eHO HTP business service can also be used to implement an enterprise Business Intelligence

  • eHO HTP Portal Service

eHO HTP Portal service assists our clients in implementing JSR-168 and JSR-268 compliant Portal