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About us

About Us

At eHealthObjects, we strive to be the clear leader in providing open standards based interoperable and integrated healthcare solutions. Our Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based solutions seamlessly integrate clinical data from multiple sources, standardizing healthcare systems to ensure information stays consistent from computer to clipboard.

Our Vision

Health Information Technology is currently very fragmented. There are many different systems, and none of them are able to effectively communicate with each other. The information from one system is not easily transferrable to another. This means more paperwork for doctors and nurses and more budget affecting costs. What if there were a way to make these systems not only communicate easier, but more efficient as well?

At eHealthObjects, we improve healthcare delivery through meaningful, beneficiary-focused data exchange. Our innovative solutions standardize these fragmented systems allowing a more efficient and cost effective transfer of information between different institutions. At eHealthObjects, we are always improving Healthcare information Systems.

History of eHealthObjects

Founded in 2006, eHealthObjects provides industry-leading health technology products and services that help ensure quality care for patients at affordable cost.

We are proud to have gained the respect of industry experts, partners, peers, and clients that are using our industry-breakthrough solutions to provide better care. The dedicated team at eHealthObjects truly understands the complexity of critical information flow and has developed a depth of experience solving difficult accessibility, usability, and data standardization issues.