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Pharmaceutical Solutions

The perfect solution for pharmaceutical companies.

The eHealthObjects pharmaceutical product suite is tailored towards providing disease/case management and health information exchange solutions to Pharmaceutical companies, Pharmacy departments in Universities, Health Plans, Employer Groups and Pharmacies and Pharmaceutical Research Centers.

Greater control and transferability.

Today’s disease and case management programs do not use a patient’s medications information to its full potential in managing patients’ chronic diseases. These solutions also lack integration with patients’ health care providers to exchange patient’s electronic health record, recommendations, goals and interventions.

eHealthObjects pharmaceutical suite provides enhanced disease and case management programs that make full use of patients’ current medications to manage their chronic diseases.

The Pharmaceutical Suite

ThinkEHRx enables a pharmacist to register patients into disease and case management programs, set up appointments, complete the diseases specific assessments as needed, and share information with patients’ health care providers in conjunction with ThinkHIE.

ThinkHIE allows the pharmacist to work on patient’s individualized plan of care and graduate them from the program. These programs can be used by many health care entities including Pharmaceutical companies, employer groups, health plans and pharmacy departments at the Universities.

The eHO Portal allows patients to view their health record online, from any device.