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Rural Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Long Term Care Centers

Rural Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Long Term Care Centers

Less paperwork equals more time for what matters most.

At eHealthObjects, we understand that healthcare personell have more important tasks to do than filling out paperwork, like caring for patients. Thats why the eHealthObjects clinical products suite is designed specifically to assist electronic health records at rural hospitals, nursing homes and long term care centers. We offer a robust and cost effective technology solution that not only automates many operations but also allows the customization of these tools to fit your unique needs.

eHealthObjects clinical health product suite is built using eHealthObjects proprietary Health Technology Platform (EHTP). This product suite includes ThinkEHR, ThinkHIE and EHO Web Portal that together offer a complete technology solution.

The Clinical Health Product Suite

ThinkEHR allows personell to register patients into disease and case management programs, set up appointments, complete the diseases specific assessments as needed, and share information with patients’ health care providers using ThinkHIE.

ThinkHIE is the integration platform that allows exchanging individuals electronic health record between many mental and behavioral health providers including Community Service Boards, Behavioral Health Hospitals and Individual mental health providers.

The eHO Portal allows patients to view their health record online, from any device.