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Behavioral and Mental Health

Behavioral and Mental Health Solutions

A Better Tool to Assist Behavioral and Mental Healthcare

The Behavioral and Mental Health Product Suite is an innovative, flexible and result-oriented technology solution, tailored to address the needs of  institutions such as public behavioral health agencies, private management companies, mental health counselor practices and community service boards.

A Complete Technology Solution

Existing technology solutions require constant modifications on a regular basis. Meanwhile, data integration is increasingly difficult when doing business with multiple behavioral health providers. All of these problems waste  precious time and valuable resources.

Our behavioral health product suite is built from the ground up with these challenges in mind, utilizing the eHealthObjects proprietary Health Technology Platform (EHTP). This product suite includes ThinkEHR, ThinkHIE and EHO Web Portals that together offers a complete technology solution to behavioral and mental health clients.

The Behavioral and Mental Health Product Suite

ThinkEHR is an integrated case management and electronic health record solution to behavioral and mental health care institutions.

ThinkHIE is the integration platform that allows exchanging individuals electronic health record between many mental and behavioral health providers including Community Service Boards, Behavioral Health Hospitals and Individual mental health providers.

The eHO Portal allows behavioral health individuals to view their health record online, from any device.