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Trade Names: eHealthObjects wants its software to integrate other health care IT

Trade Names: eHealthObjects wants its software to integrate other health care IT

RICHMOND, VA – October 29, 2012 – Sanjay Mittal and his wife, Sunita Gupta, wanted to create information technology systems for the health care industry when they formed eHealthObjects Inc. in 2006. They knew they had a challenge. Health information technology is very fragmented with many systems available that don’t work together very easily. They wanted eHealthObjects to develop software programs that would integrate with other health care technology systems.

“Innovation was the key,” Mittal said. One of eHealthObjects’ products is its ThinkHIE, a health information exchange system that consolidates medical data from a variety of medical providers in a unified health history of patients. Another offering is its ThinkCDM disease and case management software. The company’s ThinkEHR provides software for health record management systems. The company’s software products are offered on eHealthObjects’ private cloud. “That is key,” Mittal said.

Mittal and Gupta first thought about starting a company in 2004 when both worked in the health care technology field.

In 2006, the couple hired a software developer to help begin creating software. Mittal continued working for Coventry Health Care until 2010 when eHealthObjects’ software products were ready for sale.”We wanted to be primarily a products company,” Mittal said. “We didn’t want to be a services-only company.”

The company’s first clients were based in Virginia. Today, it has clients in Maryland, Illinois, Georgia, Texas and Pennsylvania. Clients include state agencies, state universities, long-term care centers, nursing homes, rural hospitals, pharmacists, mental health counselors and public and private providers.

The couple found it difficult to get clients at first. ”We made contacts with people who have worked with us in the past,” Mittal said, noting that the company provided some small initial project work for free with a stipulation that the client sign a contract with eHealthObjects. “For example, we gave the University of Maryland about $100,000 of work free. We were new in the market and didn’t have a brand name. We don’t have to do that anymore.”

The company has grown mainly through word of mouth, networking and repeat business. ”We also attend trade shows and invite providers to our product launches,” Mittal said. “We have a strong client base now.” Tara George, director of All Family Matters, a Richmond-based community health provider, had eHealthObjects tailor-design software for the organization. ”It was amazing,” she said of the finished product. “I am an old-time paperwork person, and they made this user-friendly for me.” She likes that Mittal is always available for questions. ”I am a late worker, and I sent out a text to Sanjay in the middle of the night,” she said. “He texted me back that night and said, ‘Call me now.’ ”

Revenue at eHealthObjects rose 100 percent last year compared with 2010, when the company launched its products. ”This year, we are on track to do the same,” Mittal said. The company is considering expanding its services in and out of the United States. ”That is 12 to 18 months down the road,” Mittal said. When hiring employees, the couple always looks for local talent. ”People have told us to get offshore resources, but, as a corporate strategy, we have always said no to that,” Mittal said. “We will never move our development offshore.” The couple used their own funds to start the company. ”There are no loans on the company,” Mittal said. “We had money to invest, and I worked at other organizations to support the company. We didn’t take out any business loans.”

Wendy Cohen, comptroller and program administrator for the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, sees eHealthObjects as a “very progressive and exciting company.” ”eHealthObjects has provided data analytics and secure portal services to the University of Maryland P3 Program for the past several months,” she said. “We are very happy with their ability to accommodate our growing needs and allowing us the opportunity to manage large-scale proposals.”

John Kleski, CEO of PhyMedica LLC, a Henrico County-based health care company that specializes in electronic medical records, contracted with eHealthObjects to develop software. ”Their work was within budget and time commitments,” he said. “They were very professional and exceptionally skilled. They developed products in conjunction with our team without conflict. That is a very positive thing in this business.”

via Richmond Times Dispatch