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eHealthObjects Launches New Software Aimed at Behavioral Health.

May 30, 2012 – Jacob Geiger via WorkITRichmond

eHealthObjects, a Richmond-based health technology company, announced Wednesday that it has launched a new software to help manage mental and behavioral care.

CEO Sanjay Mittal said the company’s new ThinkEHR product can be used by everyone from individual mental health counselors to hospital systems with thousands of beds. EHR stands for electronic health records. The company’s products are focused on electronic records and health information exchange, or HIE. That’s the sharing of medical information between hospitals, pharmacies, doctor’s offices and other places where a patient receives care.

The new behavioral health product was specifically designed to meet Virginia’s Medicaid requirements and be in full compliance with all of the state’s regulations, Mittal said in a presentation to potential clients. The new product integrates into ThinkEHR and ThinkCDM, the company’s programs for case and disease management.

One feature even alerts users if they’ve forgotten to complete documentation required by a state agency.

The programs operate in the cloud, meaning hospitals or other providers don’t need to dedicate server space for the systems. That also allows users to access it anywhere. And the cloud setup is designed to make it easier for users to meet HIPPA patient privacy rules.

Mittal said about 80 percent of the software stays the same for all clients, with the rest being customized to meet customers’ specific needs.

The new behavioral health software was developed with assistance from All Family Matters, a local company that offers mental-health support services.

Mittal has built a 20-year career as a consultant, computer programmer and information technology expert. In the past decade he’s worked at hospital chains and health insurers. Until July 2010, when he moved to running eHealthObjects full time, he was serving as director of enterprise architecture for Coventry Healthcare, responsible for designing business and healthcare software for the company’s healthcare management and pharmacy lines of business.

eHealthObjects was started in 2006 and is headquartered in Richmond’s Bio-Technology Research Park. You can read past coverage of the company here.